Ermisch & Bredow UG, founded on 22.11.2017 in Potsdam, pursues the goal of offering an on-demand service and the necessary technology for the fully automated rental of high-quality and large-volume sports equipment. Particular attention is paid to the rental of SUP equipment (Stand Up Paddling).

The aim of our projects is a comprehensive offer of highly automated, personal-free SUP rental stations, which can be booked and operated via an app.

The basis of our business model is the extremely fast growing trend of the sharing economy due to the digital transformation, which puts the user in the place of the owner. Companies such as Airbnb, Uber, car2go, DriveNow, Coup, nextbike demonstrate the great potential of the on-demand world accessible via smartphones.

The funding of the European Union helps us to finance the development of the prototypes of the SUP rental stations as well as the app.