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1 hourfrom 9,99 €
Our best seller:
1,5 hoursfrom 13,99 €
2 hoursfrom 17,99 €
3 hoursfrom 24,99 €
4 hoursfrom 29,99 €
All prices include VAT. For individual requests, just send us an email at – and we will get back to you.

From only 9,99 € you can start paddling with kolula SUP!

Our Tip:
Relaxed SUP boarding is more fun! Therefore, it is better to book a little longer to enjoy your time out on the water and have enough time for the return.

10x card

Perfect for dedicated kolula SUP fans!
Buy a 10x card and enjoy paddling all summer.

199€ for 10 × 1,5 hours of paddling fun!

5x card

Perfect for casual paddlers!
Buy 5x card and enjoy SUP boarding all summer.

99€ for 5 × 1,5 hours of paddling fun!


Let your loved ones also enjoy the kolula SUP experience.
Our Stand Up Paddling Our vouchers are valid for three years.