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Safety & Tips

Your safety is important to us – and where water is involved, there are of course risks. That’s why we have contacted representatives of the Waterway Police, the German Canoe Federation and other official bodies to provide you with the following information and tips:

How to get started on the SUP board:

These tips should help you to move safely and correctly on the Stand Up Paddling Board.

  1. Adjust the paddle to your size – it should be about 20 cm longer than your body height.
  2. Attach the leash (safety line) to one of your ankles.
  3. Carry the board by the handle and make sure that it does not bump into anything.
  4. The fin below the board needs sufficient water depth so that it does not touch the bottom. Please pay special attention to this when getting in and out of the water.
  5. Paddle in a kneeling position first when docking and undocking to get a feel for the board. The same applies if you feel insecure.
  6. Once you feel more stable, slowly straighten up. To do this, keep your feet about shoulder width apart and use the paddle to balance yourself.
  7. Hold the paddle so that the slanted side of the paddle (with logo) faces the tip of the board.
  8. We recommend wearing a life jacket and weather appropriate clothing (e.g. wetsuit/lycra).
  9. Don’t forget to bring enough drinks (especially water) and sunscreen for each ride.
  10. Your smartphone is the key to the locker box! Stow it safely OUTSIDE the locker box. Feel free to use the waterproof bag in your compartment for this.

Our board partner Red Paddle Co has some great videos for you, showing tips for starting and the right technique.
Click here to see the videos!

SUP Tips

Water traffic regulations:

  1. On the water, the right-hand rule applies and thus the right-of-way rule “right before left”.
  2. Passenger ships have priority – but it would be unwise to take them on anyway. Their usual routes are not marked in Lake Eutin. Therefore, be careful and swerve to the right if possible.
  3. When entering and exiting the lake with your SUP, be aware of the deployment point of the lake tour, which is only a few meters away. Allow ships sufficient space for docking, turning and braking.
  4. Ships trumpet various warning and sound signals. Such a signal may also be intended for you, so in such a case react attentively and keep your distance. Waves from large excursion boats and smaller motorboats can drive you toward shore.
  5. The best way to overcome currents and waves is to ride through them head-on with the tip of the board and not sideways along them.
  6. When passing through the Bebensund Bridge, please use one of the two outer passages -the middle passage is regularly used by passenger ships.
  7. Driving on the water is prohibited during thunderstorms and fog. Therefore, inform yourself about the weather before the session and cancel the trip in case of doubt. Your safety comes first!
  8. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, wave both arms to draw attention to yourself.
  9. Please respect nature and the environment: do not drive into reeds, water lilies or other water plants and drive around water birds as far as possible so as not to disturb them and their young. Please take your trash home or dispose of it properly. Only clean nature remains as beautiful as it is!


This is how you paddle off:

  • Select a rental station near you
  • Select desired time and number of participants
  • Book the board
  • Open lock box on site via smartphone
  • Remove board & paddle
  • Stow valuables in the box
  • Start paddling!
  • Stow board & paddle again afterwards

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